Ruin Fiat Lux LP

A post-punk feeling comes from this LP, but the power and message is in no way compromised. The structure of each song is straightforward, bold, and creative. Loud, raw sound mixed with strong vocals that deal with personal philosophies and enjoyments. A lot of variety makes this surprising and striking.

Ruin Proof / Life After Life / White Rabbit cassette

A three-song goodie. The production on these rockers is really fine, calling attention to this band’s musical expertise and attention to arrangements. Although there are tinges of “rock” guitar, it’s kept to a minimum, making way for the powerful overall effect. Their version of the AIRPLANE classic is totally enjoyable.

Ruin He-Ho LP

RUIN present a strange, unclassifiable amalgam of psychedelia, acoustic doodling, heavy metal, punk, and thrash, usually all within the same song! The lyrics are alternately oblique, humanistic, or cosmic. These guys are clearly experimenting and searching for a unique approach, which is admirable, but I don’t always find it enjoyable, mainly because of the frequent predominance of ponderous metal elements. I really like “Dionysian” and “Where Fortune,” though, as well as the chorus in “Rule Worshipper.”