Sacred Order


Sacred Order “E” Ticket LP

After all these years, SACRED ORDER finally get their own vinyl out. Sounding very little like their tapes of yore, the thrash is gone and is replaced by a heavy rock/punk sound. On some of the songs, that makes it work as an early punk sound emerges predominant. But on many tunes, the old rock blues-based riffs just don’t cut it. Enough with this early 70’s rehash.

Sacred Order Saturation Bombing cassette

Despite the controversy over SACRED ORDER’s supposed homophobic, sexist attitudes, the music on their new demo tape is an invigorating mixture of garage raunch, brain-damaged metal guitar parts, psychotic vocals, and funnypunk themes (as exhibited in songs like “Funky Mr. Penis” and “3 Testes”). I think SACRED ORDER sound like a gas, and it’s hard to imagine how anyone could take them too seriously.

Sacred Order Crankin on a Straight Edge cassette

Pretty standard thrash, although sometimes it breaks the norm. What really stands out here are the lyrics. They’re standing out right now… from my garbage can! It’s where they belong, sexist, homophobic macho goon-squad bullshit better left to the rockers and metal crowd.