Scoundrels Oh No! Not Again! LP

Holland’s SCOUNDRELS return after 31 years absent with a not too inventively titled album. I had to do some research, being not so knowledgeable about their back catalog. They started around 1986 doing a sort of anarcho post-punk thing. While this keeps some of that element in songs like “Outsider,” much of this veers towards a later-period SoCal punk sound. It’s sort of like those mediocre SOCIAL DISTORTION or ADOLESCENTS (ADZ) songs. They do one of those bad funk-inspired politico song attempts on “Molasses” that’s really unfortunate. They keep it real on Bandcamp, loading a bonus CRASS cover/remix piece of awfulness as a bonus track at the end. Why? Well, maybe to keep you ready for another round in 2053. Punk is dead?

Scoundrels Don’t Cry for the Moon LP

A chorused guitar sound and sung vocals provide the musical interest on this set of poppish punk songs, with the melody following the guitarwork in most cases. SCOUNDRELS succeed best when their songwriting wins over, but there is an inconsistency in that regard here. Good lyrics.

Scoundrels Ufreet Toe Moef cassette

Most Northern European bands don’t put much emphasis on melody, it seems but these SCOUNDRELS certainly do. This is somewhat explained by a lot of medium-tempo punk tracks (as well as faster thrash), where tunefulness is more important. Well done. They love the GERMS.