Scream Banging the Drum LP

Turn up the volume on this baby, and you won’t be sorry. Great production brings out the best here, and though the pace isn’t as frantic as before, the power is well directed, the hooks are there, and the energy flows hot. A welcome surprise.

Scream Walking By Myself / Choke Word 7″

The A-side from this veteran DC band at its best has strong MC5 influences: with the structure, leads, vocals, and riffs, it has a bit of a 70s rock feel, but it’s catchy and powerful. The flip is a folk/acoustic song that lacks power but has good lyric impact.

Scream This Side Up LP

A professional job here that doesn’t lose its bite. They thrash hard, rock hard, and hit you on the rebound with reggae and other changes-of-pace. The lyrics didn’t hit me too hard this go round, though, as their obliqueness left me wondering what exactly are they singing about. Nonetheless, they are delivered with passion, and that’s what’s important.

Scream Still Screaming LP

This is bound to be one of the best releases of ’83. Dischord has really got their production down—it’s the best in punk. An unrelentless record, musically and lyrically, containing powerhouse thrash with great hooks, choruses, and vicious guitars. I don’t care much for the few reggae-ish cuts, but otherwise I can’t say enough good about this one.