Second Auschwitz


Second Auschwitz Murderers cassette

Famed for their super-short, incoherent noise blasts, these guys have changed their “musical direction, attitude, and bass player” after getting “fed up with those short songs.” Trying now to write “decent tunes,” they sound only slightly tighter (if that), still thrashing away frantically and raving about the ills of the world. In other words, they’re still a charming garage mess.

Second Auschwitz The Arse of Mankind cassette

More “uncompromising” noise from this gang. Uncompromising can mean “they suck musically and don’t give a shit because they just wanna make annoying sounds and get their highly intelligent and political message across.” Repetitive, but intense.

Second Auschwitz Agent Orange & Zyklon, Belgium cassettes

Tapes #3 and 4 in what may turn out to be an endless series of cassettes from SECOND AUSCHWITZ. The Agent Orange tape, like the rest in the series, contains zillions of songs, while Zyklon, Belgium seems to be a live recording with even more zillions of songs. Well, this band certainly gives you volume.

Second Auschwitz Porca Dio cassette

Imagine, if you will, a bass guitar, drums, and sax fighting with sick vocals in a messy thrash format. Imagine 19 songs, some as short as ten seconds, delivered in under four minutes. The lyrics are viciously anti-religious and pro-vegetarian, but this is still a very unusual package.

Second Auschwitz Your Pet cassette

SECOND AUSCHWITZ are self-admitted novices (they recorded one hundred songs in a studio, forty of which are here, without ever having played an instrument or practiced before) who produce five-to-ten-second “songs” that are crude and idealistic. Decidedly different.