Sekunderna Tiden Är En Dröm EP

I never get sick of this stuff. Power pop is a broad umbrella, and frankly a lot of what falls under it is just a drip. Luckily we have groups like this, who belt out the harmonies and play with a fire under their ass. This is gritty, articulate guitar pop that I’d love to sing along with as long as I had a Swedish phrase book in my back pocket. There are elements here of HOT SNAKES, albeit more melancholic than pissed-off, especially in the guitar. In general, the tunes evoke a sort of longing nostalgia for nowhere. A time that never really existed, and opportunities you don’t even know you missed. Is that overly poetic? Sure. But that’s a testament to the disarming vulnerability of this music. Turn it up loud, go for broke, and dance with whoever’s nearby until far too late. My only gripe? After five cuts of supercharged pop rock, it all ends with a lo-fi, single-guitar closer that I keep waiting to turn into something anthemic with the full band behind it. It sort of just fizzles out. It might not even bug me if it were the second-to-last track. But it isn’t, so it does. Otherwise, a beautiful record.