Sewer Zombies


Sewer Zombies Conquer the Galaxy LP

David says this is what can happen if you go too long between records. All I know is they’ve made the most radical change of direction since BAD RELIGION hurled themselves into the unknown and barely made it back alive. So, from a hardcore band they’ve become a WALL OF VOODOO synth/mood band. Only on one track do they use drums and guitar. Hope they get back alive, too.

Sewer Zombies Live It or Leave It cassette

These crazed noise-makers were caught live at Miami’s Cameo Theatre in late ’85, and this tape brings it all back. Obnoxious distorted guitar and echoing vocals amount to just about all of this entire cassette. Sound quality is poor, but in many ways this adds to the character and helps the listener get a feel for what this band is all about.

Sewer Zombies Reach Out and… LP

I think this is the band that went to Guyana to bring HC to the “natives,” but instead brought back the “natives” to us. Really, though, this is a sloppy noisefest of thrash, much like many of the European thrashers. Great lyrics, totally pissed and flailing about. Enjoyable anxiety attack.