Sexpill In Dust We Trust LP

SEXPILL is not your average hardcore band. You can feel it when you press play. Can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but you get a sense that SEXPILL doesn’t give a fuck about what you think! They just do what they love and that’s that! In Dust We Trust instantly delivers raw energy, unapologetic anger, and a sound that pushes all the right buttons. Japanese skank-driven bands like L.S.D. or KURO come to mind with their infectious pogo-inducing beats. The noisy, industrial-esque snippets help build an oppressive atmosphere that soon discharges in all directions once the hardcore kicks in. A sonic punch to the teeth.

Sexpill Demos 2xEP flexis

This release consists of demo sessions from Houton’s own SEXPILL. Waging warfare of unrelentless noise bombardment with the H-town royalty, Big Swerv’s Sakevi-style barking vocals rip your skull throughout the record. Feels just like grinding up some rare vintage GAI and CONFUSE demo tapes from the ’80s, crushing up some Hot Cheetos you got at the gas station, mixing it together, and snorting it up your nostril. SEXPILL’s got some real tracks, and I think we all already know who’s going to win the next Grammy Awards. My favorite track on the EP is “Barry White.”

Sexpill Anarchy and LSD EP

This EP starts with nuclear sirens, so you know you are in for a treat. Coming from Houston, SEXPILL is ugly-as-fuck hardcore punk like KURO on a bad hair day. The sound is disgustingly good if you are into noisy punk. And at some point, you realize that the sirens don’t stop, and go throughout the whole EP.