Shitshow -+#!?$ EP

Seven songs on a 7”. That is the proper usage of the format, in my opinion. A nice little slab of hardcore punk. The vocals are mostly sung with a nice attention to melody, which makes this much more of a pleasurable listen than if they were mostly screamed/shouted. It also avoids falling into the trap that a lot of bands like this tend to fall into by sounding dated. You can hear influence, yet it still manages to sound fresh. This one’s gonna get a lot of time on the turntable, I reckon.

Shitshow Epic EP

Debut EP from Hamburg, Germany’s SHITSHOW with a five-song flurry, only one track of which times out after two minutes. This is mean, in-your-face, and to-the-point, with songs like “Kill” that blare out “No feet for the right wing / They kill, kill, kill!,” and “Cellphone Monkey” that shouts “Your best friend / Is just a machine, yeah!” Female vocalist, anger with a purpose, and catchy tracks? I’m in.