Shoutless Bowery at Midnight LP

SHOUTLESS combines 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s into one, adds big production, and the end product sometimes cuts it, sometimes not. The grunge is maxed out and I think that hurts their impact. Needs a bit more madness.

Shoutless Out of Reach 12″

Very good neo-’60s punk, indeed—perhaps second best in the burgeoning Swedish scene. Tight, loud, and with really good influences (HAUNTED, CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND). But they are just a shade shy on pure aggression, and that’s why I give the nod to the NOMADS.

Shoutless Insane / I Tell No Lies 7″

This neo-? record from Sweden has an OK A-side, but “I Tell No Lies” is buoyed by a delightful pop sensibility, layered vocal harmonies, and good instrumentals. This combines the accessibility of modern rock with the stylistic elements of ’60s punk. A strong release.