Sixten Redlös


Sixten Redlös I Wish I Woz an Animal / Tusen Stöveltramp På Ryggen 7″

The A-side is a kick-ass fast punk tune with pounding drumming, cool singing, and though some of the structure is self-consciously broken up, it still clicks. The flip is more like a better produced PISTOLS-type sing-along. Pretty cool.

Sixten Redlös Ni Ska Få Ångra / Hämnd 7″

These two refreshing slices of Swedish punk revive a ’77 sensibility without losing a mite of the hard-driving energy needed to excite in the ’80s. “Ni Ska Få Ångra” in particular maintains an invigorating pace and style that updates the work of older Swedish outfits like EBBA GRON. A fine single.