Life Abuse / Skrewball split EP

The artwork for this record plays up the UK/US divide of the two featured groups, with Death himself cradling crucial governmental architecture in each of his bony hands, but Crew Cuts could have just as easily made it a newjack/oldhead thing. I suspect I’m right in saying most of LIFE ABUSE have been playing hardcore since before most of SKREWBALL were born: there is some hefty pedigree in the former band, which makes it extra cool that they’re on board here. Their two songs don’t much resemble any of DAS OATH, SELF DEFENSE FAMILY, LIMP WRIST, or LIBYANS (to list four of many more), but “Divide and Conquer” is a pretty rad bombastic rocker with a guitar sound somewhere between goth, metal, and anarcho. The shorter “Ambushed” sets the tone for SKREWBALL from Plymouth, who bring the early NYHC style mosh parts—with a buoyant, as opposed to meatheaded, vibe—and lyrics about animal liberation and crooked cops.

Skrewball Wild Cats EP

With rough and snappy charisma, SKREWBALL from Plymouth, UK pumps out four solid youth crew pounders on their debut 7”. This mostly mid-paced “street punk” stomps firmly in between classic NY and UK hardcore styles, aided by an awesome sore-throated vocalist and bursting into fits of speed at the right moments. Maybe this will arouse fans of both GORILLA BISCUITS and ANTISOCIAL?