Slack Times


Slack Times Carried Away LP

Indie pop band SLACK TIMES comes out with a compilation of their three EPs—Carried Away (2022), At the Blue Melon Rendezvous (2021), and Up Here (2021)—which makes up the order of the album. The opener “Carried Away” sounds like a TOM PETTY impersonation set to some Americana guitars and had me largely confused as to why MRR sent me this one. Nothing screamed punk or punk-adjacent at all. I kept listening, though, and maybe the remaining vocals (“Carried Away” aside) have the whiny, distorted nature of someone like Tom DeLonge singing more gently over the FEELIES—one of the bands they mentioned as an influence. R.E.M. and YO LA TENGO were also referenced, and I can hear the FLAMING LIPS, to boot. I really like jangle-y, poppy punk, but this feels more like pure indie, with the zest of any “punk” flavoring missing. I feel foolish groveling over genres, but that’s the impression I’m left with. All said, a good album that these members clearly poured their hearts into.