So Cal’s Parishioners


So Cal’s Parishioners So Cal’s Parishioners cassette

Wow, it’s incredible how aptly named this band is. Four cuts of classic hardcore, but not just any old hardcore—this is classic SoCal hardcore. It’s melodic, it’s mid-tempo, it’s heavy on a distorted guitar, and the production is lo-fi without sounding off. Some people might make a distinction between L.A. hardcore and Orange County hardcore, but when it’s got that surf vibe going on, I just think of it as L.A. hardcore (having grown up in Northern California, it’s all just Southern California anyway). In the end, it’s really nicely done, and I’m happy that kids and bands are still making cassettes; it shows a commitment to the DIY ethic. If someone can get me a copy of the actual cassette, I’ll make copies for anyone who wants one (I’m kidding).