Social Unrest


Social Unrest Before the Fall LP

I’m impressed. This band was around for ages before finally spewing out a great debut LP last year. This time, they’ve decided to scrap a lot of old, tired ideas in favor of stretching out lyrically and musically. There’s a fuller, inspired sound here without seeping into a pap wimpiness. Good.

Social Unrest SU-2000 LP

I thought that SOCIAL UNREST had lost that special spark in recent times, but lately, both live and on this new vinyl, they’re back in fine form. This slab contains HC of all tempos, and with their new personnel and Jason on vocals finally gelling, they’re a force to be reckoned with again. Excellent release.

Social Unrest Rat in a Maze 12″

SOCIAL UNREST has been one of my favorite Bay Area bands since they formed, and this EP reveals why. The mix is a bit too piercing on the high end, but the songs are fast, tight, catchy, two guitars loud, and lyrically sound. I personally prefer the older straightforward wham-bams (“Mental Breakdown,” “General Enemy”) to their more recent slow-fast numbers, but all the material packs a wallop.