Sonic Youth


Sonic Youth Flower / Halloween 12″

This one is even more of a drone than ever. “Flower” is upbeat in their classic noise style while the title track is lyrically provocative and musically sedate. Still, both songs are good. Not my fare, but I wouldn’t be without.

Sonic Youth Flower / Rewolf 7″

Good atmospheric production makes the noise hang together better than on a lot of their releases. “Fuck” is bleeped throughout the A-side, which really grates more than the music. Flip is the A-side backwards, and no bleeps.

Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising LP

Once again, bravely mixing their snotty garage sound with all-out noisefests, the new SONIC YOUTH LP is full of careening walls of sound and mixtures of delicate and uncomfortable tension. “Ghost Bitch” is one of the creepiest songs I’ve ever heard. Some gore filmmaker better grab these guys while they’re still cheap! This also includes their duet with LYDIA LUNCH on “Death Valley ’69.”

Sonic Youth / Lydia Lunch Death Valley ’69 / Brave Men Run 7″

A match made in hell? Actually, this single is pretty enjoyable. While I haven’t really liked LYDIA LUNCH since TEENAGE JESUS & THE JERKS, the focus of SONIC YOUTH forces her into a structure that makes the result a lot more accessible. Almost sounds like PATTI SMITH.

Sonic Youth Sonic Death live cassette

We’re bordering on ambient slow-burn here, but I’m still drawn…no, sucked into this band’s whole thing. They simply can do no wrong. I’m the biased jerk who really shouldn’t be reviewing this babe. Not for everybody, but then neither is good taste.

Sonic Youth Kill Yr Idols 12″

We fucked up by not reviewing their recent US release, so here’s one of the European debut of this New York combo. They’re sort of a refreshing throwback to the “No Wave” era in NYC, especially in the singing and guitar parts, but they’ve infused it with certain English- or German-style post-punk constructions. It all adds up to “art with an edge.” Lyle H’s fave.