Soul Asylum


Soul Asylum While You Were Out LP

Live, these guys impress with their tunes, energy, and performance. Here, you get a well-crafted pop LP. I know the HÜSKER DÜ comparison is uncool, but it’s so obvious, along with a REPLACEMENTS touch, that I gotta do it. Power-pop.

Soul Asylum Made to Be Broken LP

This band has always done great pop and post-punk but I have never been able to dig out those essential hooks. I guess they transcend them, because this is a fine recording full of melody and great rockin’ moments. They seem to have split it into a rockin’ and melodic side, but whichever way you splice it, these guys deserve attention.

Soul Asylum Tied to the Tracks / Long Way Home 7″

Perfect. Just perfect. This is exactly what I wanted this band to sound like when they released their first EP; here, they’ve tightened up the sound with engaging melodies wrapped around a ripping Midwestern Bob Mould production.

Soul Asylum Say What You Will… 12″

Joseph at Systematic described SOUL ASYLUM’s sound as “thick,” and given that Bob Mould of the HÜSKERS did the production, I think you can figure out what that means. Most of the songs have a dense, rockin’, chunky sound with some power and gruffness behind them. They’ve got decent drive, but they’re more rockish than punky.