Special Forces


Special Forces Special Forces LP

Their second LP should dispel any doubts about SPECIAL FORCES and generic thrash. This Berkeley band hits hard and with variety, though Bill Collins’ excellent guitar work is now history for this band. Orlando was always a more interesting performer than good singer, but on this LP even that aspect seems very improved. Very hot!

Special Forces World Domination LP

A basic thrash album by a newer Berkeley band. It features a very tight instrumental attack, some catchy multi-voice choruses, anti-establishment lyrics, and standard gruff singing. The main problem here is a general lack of musical variation, something which will no doubt be overcome with time. Fun with beer.

Special Forces 8 Songs to Kill By Cassette

Not as dumb as the title might indicate. Most of the lyrics are typically “hardcore,” as is the music, most likely due to the fact that this is a brand new band (featuring Orlando on vocals). There’s one hilarious song here called “Maggots,” which is a real horror show.