Speed Queens


Speed Queens I Wish I Had a Big Cock Just Like Iggy Pop EP

Hot garage punk record from the Bay Area. Rumor had it that these guys were glam-rock revivalists, but glam rock never sounded this raunchy. The SPEED QUEENS offer a slower lament to the platform geeks of yore (“All the Young Dudes Are Dead”), a fast punker (“I Wish I Had a Big Cock Like Iggy Pop”), and a blasting two-guitar mld-tempo number Á  la HEARTBREAKERS (“Underground Music Queen”). With ridiculous and humorous themes like these, they should open for GG ALLIN or, for that matter, serve as his back-up band.

Speed Queens Ballroom Blitz cassette

SWEET, MOTT THE HOOPLE, etc. While this outfit is more garagy than their influences, they do seem a bit out of place today (which “All the Young Dudes Are Dead” testifies to). “Prison Rape” is the most intense of the four songs, at least lyrically.