Squire Girl on a Train / Every Trick (In the Book of Love) 7″ reissue

Forming in the late ’70s in Paul Weller’s own Woking, SQUIRE was a mod revival band mining the same territory as the PURPLE HEARTS and SECRET AFFAIR. And they had plenty of mod bona fides, having opened for the JAM in 1978 and being featured on the 1979 compilation Mods Mayday ’79. “Girl on a Train” was originally released in 1982 on songwriter/guitarist Anthony Meynell’s own Hi-Lo records, a label still active today. Both tracks here are consummate power pop, sweetly melodic and full of hooks and handclaps. It was enough to get me interested in the rest of SQUIRE’s catalog, which has conveniently been reissued by Hi-Lo.

Squire My Mind Goes Round in Circles / Does Stephanie Know? 7″ reissue

Wow. This is a total throwback to late ’70s power pop. Think of the FRESHIES. Why does it sound like power pop of the late ’70s? Possibly because it was originally released in 1980. That said, my reference to the FRESHIES should tell you that this is top of the line. Two tracks, both rule.