State False Power LP

This band had a blazing HC EP out many years back, then did some recordings in ’83 and broke up before it was released. They’ve regrouped, I believe, and put out these sessions finally. While the new songs maintain their power, gone is the straight ahead approach, and instead they come on with a highly produced, sometimes post-punk approach, sometimes a bit MISFITS like. Very big departure.

State No Illusions EP

It’s hard to believe that this nifty little record comes from Ann Arbor, a laid-back town that has never been a fertile environment for hardcore punk. The STATE present thrashed-out stuff characterized by a primitive metallic guitar, commonsense political lyrics, and a certain degree of instrumental sloppiness. “Attention” is especially hot, with its roaring stop/start structure and singalong “Yes sir/No sir” chorus. A fine debut effort.