Still Missing


Still Missing Still Missing LP

Desert-baked boogie crunch from California, reminiscent of KYUSS or KVERLERTAK. The songs feature quality heavy rock riffs, sludgy start/stop sections, and sung, hooky vocals with back-ups. Good-time heavy tunes for the roadtrips or campfires in your life. The production is beautiful, with big drums and immaculate guitar tones. The lyrics are not especially sophisticated; take “Think About It” for example: “She said to go for it, go for it / I want to go for it / She said to wait for it, wait for it / I don’t want to wait for it, wait for it.” Similarly, “AOC” contains the lines, “She makes me feel right / She makes me feel white.” There is not much more context to give than that, so make of it what you will. Like the kids say, it gives me the ick for a few different reasons.