Stranglehold Same All Over / She’s Not Leaving 7″

More melodic punk from Boston’s STRANGLEHOLD, yet with considerably more production bite than on their fine debut 12″. “Same All Over” features the band’s trademark guitar riffing to bolster a rowdy, engaging pop-punk composition, while the flipside recalls mid-period STIFF LITTLE FINGERS with its gravelly vocals and varied instrumental flavorings. My advice—get it!

Stranglehold Cause I’m Gonna 12″

Strong, crisply produced modern hardcore is showcased on STRANGLEHOLD’s debut release. Their overall approach—including sung, ’60s-inflected vocals, irrepressible tunes, tight instrumentation, and boisterous but controlled delivery—reminds me a bit of the great ZERO BOYS, which can’t be a bad thing. “’Cause I’m Gonna” is an epic blast with an anthemic chorus.