Stretch Marks


Stretch Marks What D’Ya See? LP

While some of the ferocity and offbeat humor of their debut EP is absent here, Winnipeg’s STRETCH MARKS still manage to come out with a creditable album. Breakneck thrashers like “Turnbuckle Stomp” and the title track are the standouts among these thirteen mid- to fast-speed punkers, though the cover of CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL’s “Bad Moon [Rising]” also lives up to all expectations. A good basic record, aside from my perennial gripe about BYO’s sedate production.

Stretch Marks Who’s In Charge? EP

A strong Canadian release by Winnepeg’s STRETCH MARKS. The material ranges from thrash to classical punk, and it has some heavy metal guitar embellishments. I think it’s real entertaining, especially the hilarious “Dog’s World.” Don’t miss out.