Suspect Urge to Extinguish EP

Wow, this band really sounds like CONCEALED BLADE. You can almost hear the Scud/Flynn dual guitar attack. Not a bad thing at all, and I like the idea of a Germany/PGH connection. “Damage Done” is the best, but it all rips from beginning to crashing conclusion. I’m spent.

Suspect Demo EP

Five-song banger of a demo by this German outfit. Hardcore punk songs that all clock in at under two minutes. This has everything you’d want in a band like this. Fast parts? Check. Slower but not overdone breakdown parts? Check. The only downside to this is the recording itself. It’s a demo, so one should not expect a full-blown, highly produced recording, and really it’s not too bad. There’s just something off about it that I can’t quite put my finger on. That aside, this has potential to be awesome.