Sweet J.A.P.


Sweet J.A.P. By My Venus LP

To be honest, with this moniker, and ridiculous album cover art which falls somewhere betwixt a long lost LOVERBOY record and maybe the “least memorable emo band from the next town over’s third LP from 1997,” I did not have high hopes. It’s pretty damn killer, though. At first, this just seemed like somewhat likeable, dirty-yet-probably-hot rocker dude styled HELLACOPTERS-by-way-of-Minneapolis heroin type of bullshit, but this shit is fucking great on repeat. Innernettes research says this band broke up in 2004, and these are outtakes from their sixteen- year-old album, but it’s remarkably fresh and urgent, energetic as hell, basement bound rock’n’roll. The kind of rock’n’roll you pay attention to. It looks like I missed the boat on this band, and I am a lesser person because of that. I’m sorry I’ve let you down, Dad.