Tar Babies


Tar Babies Fried Milk LP

Less sludgy this time out—more jazz riffs creeping into the act here but still good enough to recommend to fans of midwest-wump like the APPLIANCES-SFB, COUCH FLAMBEAU and a little KILLDOZER. Also elements of pop and funk seeping in to draw comparisons to earlier MEAT PUPPETS and the MINUTEMEN. You decide.

Tar Babies Respect Your Nightmares LP

This is the second release by the TAR BABIES and although you could compare them to the BUTTHOLE SURFERS because of their spazz quality, they seem to be drawing more from the early MINUTEMEN style. They’re all really good players and even though they drift into—gulp!—acid/burn jazz, it’s got a really cool sound. Nice tag-team production by Spot and Bob Mould.

Tar Babies Face the Music 12″

A harsh debut from Wisconsin’s TAR BABIES. They offer mutated thrash (like “Be Humble” and “New Poor”), slower metallic growls (“Punch”), and disjointed experimental punk (“Triplets”), all with DIE KREUZENish singing and a super-distorted guitar. Intense and occasionally annoying.