Targets First Blood cassette

This is a 1:58-long promo tape, so I’ll keep this review in the same fashion: quick and to-the-point. TARGETS is an unrelenting one-man assault of fast hardcore with a fixation on murdering, a shower of sonic bullets that hit every target. Killer (pun intended) artwork by the legendary Mark McCoy of CHARLES BRONSON fame, and with that said, this band could be on Youth Attack, so you get the picture. Shooting to kill!

Targets Existence Is a Mess, I Cannot Escape demo cassette

What words come to mind after my first listen of this demo, you ask? Disturbed, psychotic, nightmarish, motherfucking insane, maybe? Yes, all of those words do come to mind, but don’t let it scare you. This is the psychotic nightmare of a tape we’ve all been waiting for. Something that appeals to the GG ALLIN inside us all. The soundtrack to your bad acid trip. The tape you play to get pumped up for your satanic baptism. It puts you in an existential mood and inspires you to read a book about death. Wrapped in a lo-fi jumble of noisy guitars and distorted vocals, the demo quality only adds to the crusty vibe of the tape. Overall, it’s some of Denver’s finest hardcore. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys.