The Accursed


The Accursed Laughing at You LP

This is their third 12″/mini-LP (hard to tell which these days), and probably their best yet. By no means generic punk, there are all sorts of strange noises and various counter-rhythms running throughout, keeping the listener just a bit off-balance. And just when you think it just might be a bit too eccentric, they come back with their powerful sound. There is one self-indulgent klunker on the studio side, though, and the live side isn’t quite as neat as the studio. Still, it’s interesting.

The Accursed Going Down / I Didn’t Mean It 7″

Only one thing differentiates the Accursed from their many Britpunk contemporaries—they lack the well-produced sound that characterizes so many releases from England. Instead, they have a dense, raunchy guitar roar that adds oomph to fairly predictable material. “Going Down” is decent.

The Accursed Up With the Punks LP

This limited-edition album features punk music with a deliciously trebly guitar mix, some offbeat song structures, and a lot of musical variety. The mid- to thrash-tempo material here also boasts an engaging garage quality rare in British releases these days, and though I would have preferred more standout tunes, this LP still contains much of merit. Give it a listen.