The Birthday Party


The Birthday Party The Peel Sessions 12″

Aside from the excellent version of “Release the Bats,” the BIRTHDAY PARTY is not captured to their best advantage on this release. First rate production bolsters the mid-period output of this band moderately, but the material mostly doesn’t stand out.

The Birthday Party A Collection… LP

The BIRTHDAY PARTY have left their mark on much music played today, and this comp collects some fine odds and ends, like “Release the Bats” and “Junkyard,” along with harder-to-find tracks like the unreleased “The Plague” or the alternate version of “Friendcatcher.” A treat for the true fan, or a good introduction.

The Birthday Party Junk Yard LP

Not as accessible as the first two BIRTHDAY PARTY LPs, Junk Yard meanders into the nether realms of dementia, violence, and sex. The style here reminds one of the POP GROUP, but this is only a comparison of convenience; the predominately dirge-like song on this record captivate your attention with their originality and unusual lyric concerns. An acquired taste, though worth an investment of time.