The Breath


The Breath 道理なき憎悪 Reasonless Hate EP

Here’s another banger from the prolific-as-fuck Convulse Records with the BREATH from Tokyo’s 道理なき憎悪 Reasonless Hate EP. Taking inspiration from bands like WARZONE, YOUTH OF TODAY, and the rest of the Revelation Records roster, the BREATH is fully cranked up, with catchy, muscular riffs and distorted, screeching vocals that are totally out of control. Each track here is worth a listen, but “Reasonless Hate” and “Harmful Classification” are standouts that demand to be heard live. With so many bands playing this style of metallic HC right now, something needs to stand out, and boy, does the BREATH stand out. Highly recommended.

The Breath Promo 2021 cassette

Yokohama’s the BREATH’s Promo 2021 cassette consists of a unique blend of thrashing fast hardcore, an eclectic approach to hardcore punk that includes breakdowns and rule-bending styles that doesn’t resort to the tradition. Everything from YOUTH OF TODAY to SDS to contemporary hardcore punk like GLUE to NEGAZIONE/RAW POWER Italian hardcore style. Their fuzzed-out, blown-out speaker-style guitar resembles LINK WRAY’s blown-out speakers instead of the CONFUSE/GAI Kyushu noisecore approach. Despite its musically challenging approach, the lyrics are pure direct political expressions of the struggles of marginalized communities, as well as a more constructive, positive approach to working to achieve a brighter future.