The Brigades


The Brigades Costa del Dole LP

Much more rockin’ than their previous releases, the BRIGADES cut loose with powerful pop-punk. Their style is a cross between mid-period CLASH and ’80s Brit-punk, while their lyrics are unabashedly political. Driving, well-recorded punk rock.

The Brigades Bombs ’n’ Blood ’n’ Capital 12″

The BRIGADES seem to be one of the few politically concerned bands in France, and songs like “(There Are) No Communists in the Kremlin” and “State-Controlled Paranoia” show considerable awareness. But the music, which is mired in the mid-period CLASH tradition, doesn’t do the lyrics justice. Aside from some shimmering guitar work and an occasional strong song (like the aforementioned “…Paranoia” and “Saturday Night Murder”), this EP is pretty uninspiring.