The Cannibals


The Cannibals The Rest Of… LP

This LP contains session material from 1977-’79 (largely unreleased) of this groundbreaking UK trash outfit. Lots of rockin’ blues, ’60s rock’n’roll, etc. from their various aggregations (several of them went on to form the INMATES). Early STONES sound.

The Cannibals Christmas Rock ’n’ Roll / New Year’s Eve Song 7″

This year’s Original Packaging Award winner, this single comes in a cardboard X-mas stocking. Is the music as zany? No, but it’s rockin’ R’n’B-type ’60s stuff, especially on the B-side. Fun.

The Cannibals Trash for Cash LP

More ’60s-ish garage raves from Mike Spencer and Co. No wimpoid stuff here—it’s all raw, raging real rock’n’roll, with lots of ripping guitars, feedback, screaming vocals, and lots of noise. Like the NOMADS, these guys got the spirit, not just the form.

The Cannibals Bone to Pick LP

Mike Spencer is the only original member left of this R’n’B-oriented, rocked-out group (they date back to the late ’70s, and their cover of “Good Guys Don’t Wear White” on a single back then still rules!). While BO DIDDLEY or rockabilly riffs may be cliché today, they deliver with such verve that it becomes fun—especially the live side, which is much more crazy than the rather staid studio tracks.