The Crucifucks


The Crucifucks Wisconsin LP

Not quite as manic as they’ve been in the past but still buckets of charm here. Doc’s vocals still sound like a cheese grater although when he slows down and just sings normal they sound like a slowed-down BUZZCOCKS. Still really cool, pointed lyrics and a lot of really good playing, nice to have these boys back.

The Crucifucks The Crucifucks LP

A whole LP’s worth of Doc Dart’s “Jerry Lewis” vocals, spitting out all their satirical, biting songs, is a real treat. Not only are all their classics here from their earlier tapes, but the “recordings” interjected between songs are worth the price alone. Hot, weird, and intense political punk!

The Crucifucks I Am The Establishment cassette

One of the finest underground bands I’ve ever heard. The CRUCIFUCKS have more going for them than any group could ask for, including amazingly sharp lyrical barbs, insane Jerry Lewis-style vocals, sheet-metal guitar, innovative bass and drum interaction, and unique overall arrangements. The tempos vary, but every song is brilliant, especially “Establishment” and “Hinkley Had a Vision.” Mark my words, you’ll be hearing a lot more about these guys in the very near future.