The Cynics


The Cynics No Way / Dancing on the Wall 7″

The killer title track is an uptempo 60s punk cut with loud fuzz guitar, maracas, and snot-nosed vocals. The flip is a bit slower, but has the same tough qualities. A real ass-kickin’ gem.

The Cynics No Place to Hide / Hard Times 7″

A bit stronger than their debut EP. This band has a punkish ’66 sound with a singer who almost sounds like Gary Floyd of the DICKS. The A-side is the superior track, with cool fuzz and lead guitar.

The Cynics Painted My Heart / Sweet Young Thing 7″

Live tapes of this group shows their affection for grungy CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND-style music, showing how hard and tight they can be. Instead, their first 45 pushes the more melodic and weaving guitar-pop side of their sound. Lots of cool playing, and their cover sounds like a cross between THEM and the STONES.