The Edge


The Edge The Banjo Single 7″

The Boston EDGE have moved back to Ohio, and somewhere along the way picked up a banjo to augment the band. “Just An Illusion” is a poppish ditty with a good melody and nifty banjo pickin’, while the flip is slower but still pretty good. Takes getting used to, but I recommend it.

The Edge Alternative Allston EP

This one takes their last record one step further, because the band is harder and tighter than before. The title of this EP is ironic because the band does seem to have the same hard-charging structures as STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. Let’s see what they can do with an album, now.

The Edge Death to A.O.R. EP

The EDGE is a Midwestern garage punk band with some poppy vocal hooks. The production is primitive, the rhythm guitars are suitably grungy, and the overall effect is amateurish (in the positive sense). Humorous and spirited.