The Gonads


The Gonads Live: The Official Bootleg 2xLP

Sorry kids, but I could only make it through one and a half sides of this “rock ’n’ roll” record. Not my cup of tea. Amazingly, though, Jeff actually liked it (I worry about that boy sometimes) saying it was “funny” and had “some OK music.”

The Gonads Delilah, the Punk Epic EP

The unmistakable Max Splodge touch adds a dimension of class to this third funnypunk single by the GONADS. “Lager Top” and “Sandra” are the kind of rowdy songs, complete with an abrasive guitar sound and Oi choruses, that make for great beer-time fun, if very little else. Gary Bushell’s presence here may be this EP’s biggest drawback.

The Gonads Peace Artists EP

Despite Dig’s valuable warning that the GONADS are a phony Bushell non-band, I can’t help liking this ridiculous funnypunk offering, with its soccer choruses, punky guitar, and cocktail-party piano. All Bushell is good for is a few laughs over a beer, but this is clearly the best medium for his antics. A knee-slapper from a double-dealing rip-off artist; it should be taped, not purchased.

The Gonads Pure Punk for Row People EP

Very clever and very funny, but all too typical from a music standpoint. Except for the thrashed-out “Got Any Wrigley’s John?”, it’s the humor that makes this one stand out. (Not the award-winning title: “I Lost My Love to a UK Sub.”)