The Hard-Ons


The Hard-Ons White Folks Suck 7″

Still more rock’n’roll fun with Australia’s irrepressible goofball punkers. Both sides pummel in the fast, snotty punk vein; while the hooks are kept way in the back, the energy and speed here almost compensate for it. “Ferdi’s Song” has some good choruses. Pretty good.

The Hard-Ons By My Side / I’ll Come Again flexi 7″

Despite the rough sound, there are two classic tunes here. The HARD-ONS style mixes 60’s punk with a great pop-punk ’77 sound, and especially on the second track, really hits home (a cover of the LEGENDS). Available on Livin’ End zine #6, a mag dedicated to 60’s Aussie bands.

The Hard-Ons The Girl in the Sweater / I Heard Her Call My Name 7″

Missed reviewing this a few months ago, so I wanna make up for lost time by saying that this band plays wonderful pop-punk in the tradition of the RAMONES or LURKERS. Get everything they’ve put out.

The Hard-Ons Surfin’ on My Face EP

Drawing influences from ’60s punk, early Aussie punk, and early proto-punk (DMZ, RAMONES), this band manages to rock out pretty good. They have a slightly more up-to-date sound than many “neo” bands, but lyrically they’re still in the past.