The Higher State


The Higher State Codeine / Clouds of Doubt 7”

This is pretty straightforward. You’ve got a band firmly rooted in ’60s garage rock covering two ’60s garage rock tunes. The first one is a slower number, full of organ and tambourine. Combined with some very somber vocals, it definitely creates its own darkness. The B-side continues along the same lines, though this cut is definitely more upbeat and a more catchy number. Still, with both cuts, the lack of a real drum presence is noticeable. All that said, I find myself strangely drawn to the record. There’s something interesting in there that draws me in. This one is perfect for a series by Back to Beat called “Moody Garage.” It is just that. 

The Higher State You Might Find Out / Come Winter Rain 7″

Two songs of authentic ’60s-style garage rock. If you’re going to do it, do it right. The HIGHER STATE does. They have that great organ sound leading the jangly rhythms topped with laid-back vocals. It’s not quite the summer of love, but someone may have some flowers in their hair. Fun stuff.