The Jesus and Mary Chain


The Jesus and Mary Chain Just Like Honey 12″

With the signing of JMC to a major comes a predictably toned-down sound. While the title song is cool in its pop way (they’ve discovered Phil Spector?), and “Head” is a fairly noisy tidbit, “Cracked” is way too tuneless and dirgelike, and the second version of the title track is way wimpy. There’s still some edge here, but it’s fading fast.

The Jesus and Mary Chain You Trip Me Up / Just Out of Reach 7″

Scott says they sound like a cross between psychedelia and a trebly FLIPPER. Dogtowne says they’re pretentious pretenders to the VELVET UNDERGROUND’s second LP. Whatever, they do combine pop tunes with incredibly abrasive guitar noise and feedback to produce a highly listenable product.

The Jesus and Mary Chain Never Understand EP

Sadly, this pretty much proves that this band is over-hyped. While their first 7″ was promising, this record is fairly bland and sounds like “product” rush-released to take advantage of the “buzz” in England. The only really good song here is their cover of Vic Goddard’s “Ambition.”