The Last Resort


The Last Resort Skinhead Anthems IV CD

Bass-player-turned-lead-vocalist Roi Pearce toots his one-man version of the Oi!/street punk originals the LAST RESORT once again. He’s not going too far out on a limb with this album title, but this time he’s wrangled Berkeley yobbo favorite Lars Frederiksen to mix it up propper. While there’s nothing close to “Violence on Our Minds” present here, there’s some classic LAST RESORT menace on songs like “Murder” and “The Devil You Know,” or the maybe unintentionally hilarious “Psychopath.” It’s the big, beefy guitar sound, courtesy of Lars this time, that they’ve been touting for some years now. Roi’s voice is in top form, but overall, it’s a little lackluster. Still, it’s maybe a nice way for the new breed to show respect to their elders in whatever silly skinhead hierarchy that may exist. Check it.