The Leather Nun


The Leather Nun Lust Games LP

The NUN rock full out. They’ve always been a rock band and offended in a humorous way, but with this posing girl front cover, posing band back cover, big production, and some trite rock songs they’ve lost their appeal. Only one song I like. What happened?

The Leather Nun Gimme Gimme Gimme / Lollipop 7″

An ABBA cover. Well, if anyone can pull it off, I suppose LEATHER NUN can. Actually, it’s great—their powerful, sleazy, pop punch comes right through and the B-side is a great dirge, too.

The Leather Nun Alive LP

While I’ve liked a lot of their earlier releases, this one didn’t grab me. It’s really rock-heavy punk and post-punk that rarely cuts loose. On some of the slower stuff they do mount good power (“Lollipop”), but it’s not enough.

The Leather Nun 506 12″

The NUN has done another one worth mentioning. They cover WIRE’s “506” and pull it off quite well, except it’s not the hottest WIRE song to begin with. But most noteworthy are the two songs on the B-side—”Fly Angels Fly” and “I’m Alive.” There are basic rock’n’roll riffs reminiscent of early STOOGES and RADIO BIRDMAN. Cool lyrics, too.

The Leather Nun Primemover / FFA 7″

I’m not too hot on the B-side, but the A-side is killer. It’s got a real heavy guitar that wrenches its way across the slow, tortuous course of the song, spitting feedback every which way. Added to that are IGGY/BOWIE-type vocals, and production that mesmerizes and pulverizes your senses. This Swedish band has been around for years, and this is their first American release.

The Leather Nun Primemover / FFA 7″

The newest 7″ from Sweden’s LEATHER NUN features two compositions mining an atmospheric post-punk vein. “Primemover” uses a basic metal riff to underline restrained, understated vocals, while the flip maintains a slower tempo and showcases more demented lyrics. No revelations here.