The Lime Spiders


The Lime Spiders Weirdo Libido 12″

Now re-released as a 12″ EP with four live tracks on the flip, including LOVE’s “My Flash on You” and a cover of “Mr. Soul.” Pretty much what you’d expect from the best Australian garage punk band.

The Lime Spiders Out of Control / Save My Soul 7″

The A-side is about as hard a rocking pop song as one can find—powerful, with pop structure. The flip starts out slow, but picks up considerably. Superior playing that reminds me of the EASYBEATS or a less psych CREATION. Cool ravers.

The Lime Spiders Slave Girl 12″

This is a comp of their first two 7″ EPs released by a new LA affiliate of this cool Australian label. In my opinion, they’re one of the hottest R’n’B, rock ’n’ roll, neo-’60s, psych-pop bands in the world (next to the NOMADS)…and the best from Australia since RADIO BIRDMAN, whose influence is felt here. It’s hard to pick a fave track, but “Can’t Wait Too Long” and “Slave Girl” are hot with great hooks.

The Lime Spiders 25th Hour 2×7″

Four songs which are definitely inspired by ’60s punk, specifically by Montreal’s HAUNTED, whose “1-2-5″ gets covered here. The LIME SPIDERS play loud chord-oriented punk with tough vocals and fuzzy guitars. “25th Hour” is a killer song with the same guitar riff as the LIPSTICK KILLERS’ classic “Hindu Gods of Love.”