The Lurkers


The Lurkers The Final Vinyl 12″

As a long-standing LURKERS fan, I can only wonder why Clay decided to release mediocre material that only serves to tarnish the memory of a once-great ’77 punk band. Side one contains two unexciting post-punkish numbers (one being a lame cover of WILSON PICKETT’s “Midnight Hour”); side two features a commercial synth-pop thang (“By the Heart”), a hot already released punky blast (“Frankenstein Again”), and a decent slower punk-pop cut. Sad.

The Lurkers Frankenstein Again / One Man’s Meat… 7″

If you ever wondered what would happen if Pete Stride’s punky-pop compositions were recorded in a 24-track studio, this single provides the answer. The result is good snappy tunes driven by DISCHARGE-like power, a hot combination. The lyrics on the A-side are well taken. ERAZERHEAD, make a note of the change.

The Lurkers This Dirty Town / Wolf at the Door 7″

They’re back? Yes, but with a new vocalist, and two incompetently written and edited ’77-genre punk rock-outs. While I admired the hard guitar sound, the songs here (especially “Wolf at the Door”) go on far too long, and with surprisingly primitive production to boot. Was this the same outfit who did “Freak Show” and “Last Guitar in Town”? The old LURKERS are nowhere in sight.