The Manky Melters


The Manky Melters One More Round! CD

Female-fronted Celtic folk punk from Sélestat, France. In a male-dominated scene, it’s refreshing to hear a female vocalist in this genre. Plus, with the grit and delivery of Agent M from TSUNAMI BOMB, Giada gives this record that extra oomph of energy to separate it from its peers. The only other female-fronted Celtic punk band I’ve come across is seeing DADDY O RADIO playing an inspired, sweaty, hectic set in a basement bar in South Korea, and this brings the same spastic feeling. Inspired lyrics about taking a focused, defiant path against corrupt authority, embracing the life lived, and of course, there’s alcohol-inspired tunes. Giada’s vocals are bolstered by a driving backing rhythm section, and the occasional fiddle and banjo round out this solid release.