The Mob


The Mob The Mirror Breaks / Stay 7″

The A-side reminds me a lot of something the SOFT BOYS might have put out. It’s almost the punk equivalent of folk rock, which is not to say it’s no good because it’s actually very catchy. The flip is sort of a poor man’s WIRE—stripped down post-punk with a bit of tension, but lacking enough build-up.

The Mob Let the Tribe Increase LP

After two serviceable singles, the MOB must be congratulated for compiling a subtle yet affecting album’s worth of political pop ditties. This record may be inconsistent melodically, but the fourteen songs here have strong lyrics component and a simple instrumental approach reminiscent of the early MEKONS. This may not be thrash, but it is the kind of material that definitely grows on you. Good stuff.

The Mob No Doves Fly Here / I Hear You Laughing 7″

The anti-war sentiments of this single are related with a good feeling for concise, compelling verbal imagery; too bad this effort veers into non-descript pop, especially on the flipside. While a song like “No Doves Fly Here” would have been right at home on the Wargasm compilation, its subject matter has been done more powerfully, lyrically, and eloquently elsewhere. Disappointing.