The Oppressed


The Oppressed Oi Oi Music! LP

The slow- to medium-speed Oi anthems on the OPPRESSED debut album lack any sort of lyric originality, but stand-out tracks like “Gun-Law,” “Don’t Look Back,” and the hilarious “Skinhead Girl” add a certain dimension of personality to this release. Nonetheless, it could use a dose of energy and inspiration.

The Oppressed Victims / Work Together 7″

The newest release by these English Oi-sters stands head and shoulders above their debut EP. The lyrics have made a 360° turn from a focus on violence to calls for interracial unity, and the music is much improved as well. “Victims” is a strong fast Oi number, but the slower flipside, with its staggered anthemic chorus, is tops here.

The Oppressed Never Say Die EP

Despite the ponderous tempos and predictably narrow Oi themes, this release rises above the vast majority of its Oi-boy contemporaries by virtue of an exceptionally primitive guitar sound. “Run from You” is especially raw and appealing, except for the dumb lyrics.