The Pandoras


The Pandoras Stop Pretending LP

Much more produced sound than their earlier raunchy classics, sometimes including a disco-ish sound. Yech. While there are some garage ravers here, the bigger sound doesn’t become the PANDORAS much and that’s especially telling on their new version of “You Don’t Satisfy.” “Let’s Do Right” and “It Felt Alright” are pretty hot, though.

The Pandoras Hot Generation / You Don’t Satisfy 7″

The PANDORAS present two rockin’ blasts of ’60s psych/punk on this one. “Hot Generation” opts for a slightly more commercial approach than past efforts, though the flip packs it all in—cheesy keyboards, thickly textured guitar riffing, and an unforgettable melody. The cover’s great, too.

The Pandoras It’s About Time LP

After their great debut EP, I was afraid the ensuing album would wimp out, as often happens with this ’60s “teen punk” genre. No way! What we get are twelve killer songs, ranging from folk-rock to snarling ’67-era punk, all delivered with guts and drive. The music is tight and raunchy like that of their heroes the SHADOWS OF KNIGHT, and it’s hard to believe that all the members are female, because the vocals have such a deep, gruff sneer. Fucking excellent.

The Pandoras I’m Here, I’m Gone EP

A super hot ’60s-style punk release by a hitherto unknown female band. The fuzzy, distorted guitars and crude organ are emphasized in shrieking rave-ups like “I’m Here, I’m Gone,” and even their “mellow” folk-rock cut (“It’s About Time”) has that raunchy teenage snot-nosed quality that separates the punks from the calculated poseurs. Plus, they do a damn good cover of the DIRTY WURDS’ “Why”—no mean feat.