The Replacements


The Replacements Let It Be LP

This varied album contains quite a few lilting acoustic tracks, some straightahead rockers, a bit of metal, and some really inspired lyrics. “We’re Coming Out” and “Favorite Thing” are exciting enough, but the remainder of this release lapses into lackluster, uninvolving pop. Severely inconsistent.

The Replacements I Will Dare 12″

The title track is a shuffling, bouncy pop ditty with a strong hook that could be a commercial hit if it was marketed properly. The flip contains a guitar-heavy version of T. REX’s “20th Century Boy” and a live, countrified adaptation of “Hey, Good Lookin’,” neither of which really add to the originals.

The Replacements Hootenanny LP

More varied and experimental than their previous outings, and it suffers for it. Overall, it’s not nearly as powerful or rocking; there are several bluesy or countrified numbers in place of their standard raw blasts. The standout cut is “You Lose,” which is great, infectious, and innovative rock ’n’ roll, with a bassline right out of the MOVE’s repertoire.

The Replacements Stink 12″

The third release from a truly inspired Minneapolis band. The REPLACEMENTS have managed to assimilate the best elements of rock and roll from all eras and fuse them into one high-velocity package. This EP contains real fast, raw garage music, and the wild recording has even more power than their great LP. “White and Lazy” sounds like CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, so this package is a must.