The Senders


The Senders All Killer No Filler (1977–2001) CD

The SENDERS were the vehicle of Philippe Marcade, who came from Paris, eventually ended up in New York City in 1975, and quickly fell smack into the center of the pioneering Manhattan punk scene. He quickly met, drank, and played with all the heavy-hitters, including Johnny Thunders who plays on seven unreleased live tracks here. He was even asked on to the ill-fated Thunders/Wayne Kramer GANG WAR project. Phil ended up writing a book full of these tales, which is sure to be fascinating. Unfortunately, the music here is just middle-of-the-road, blues-based bar rock, maybe similar to a less interesting BLASTERS or DEL-LORDS. The Johnny Thunders tracks are the most interesting here, but it’s still not punk at all and doesn’t  have any kind of real edge or danger. The songs are from a vast time period but seem to flow together without losing any cohesiveness, if that means anything. Maybe a great history piece at best. I have great respect for my elders but could stand to live without hearing this one.